Well after several years on the same hosting service, they have finally discontinued.  So here we are on a new server and a different look.  As I go, I will add all my class hand outs and my picture gallery of stuff I have done.
A little bit about me.

I am Umamah bint Zayd al-Andalusiyyah but almost everyone knows me as Zada. I have lived in Atlantia, Atenveldt, and currently living in the Outlands in the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass.

I am apprenticed to Jean Paul Pierrepont from the Kingdom of the Middle.  While his specialty is facetted stones, I am a fiber geek, specifically Japanese Braiding called Kumihimo.

I have dabbled with embroidery, fingerloop braiding, inkle and card weaving, table looms, knitting looms/machines.  I became interested in kumihimo through my interest in woven metal chains.  I also do basic metal work, lost wax casting, and some lampworking(making glass beads).
I hope to someday to make enough cordage to put together a suit of Samurai armor but so far life and many other things keep distracting me from this project.
Umamah bint Zayd al-Andalusiyyah

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